S1:E8 Pride and Joy


Every trip reminder of how far I’ve come

Perform minor ceremonial tasks with a minimum of fuss

30 Surprisingly Difficult Ways to be Extraordinary

Humility is their form of pride, it is their strength, it is their weakness. And if you can humble yourself before them, they will do anything you ask.

Not end up any of newspapers

By Tyler Tervooren 


I can’t help it if they want to write about me

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There is a first time for everything.

well it will help if you don’t give them what they crave

Life is simple, but living remarkably is not nearly as easy as all of the“5 Ways to be Successful”articles on the internet make it out to be. In fact, it’s quite hard and there is no guide you can follow, so you’re going to have to make your own.


character and excitement

Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone else’s success isn’t a good place to start learning. A remarkable life is hard, but it’s worth working for.

After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.

instability and drama

I spend most of every day thinking of more ways to step up my game and take things to another level. To this day, I’ve never come up with an easy way to do it. That’s okay because, if I did, it probably wouldn’t be very valuable anyway. No, to be remarkable means to take risks over and over again on difficult things that might not work. It means stepping outside the comfort zone that contains most people, and exposing yourself to danger.


well, at least i give them something. You give them nothing

So that’s what I try to do. I don’t always succeed; in fact I fail quite a lot. Yet, I’ve never been upset that I tried. Here are 30 ideas I’ve used, all with varying degrees of success. I hope that they can help you in your journey to lead your own remarkable life.

It only takes ten seconds to crush a man’s ambitions, I need to take care that I protect mine.

i give them silence

I don’t claim to be extraordinary myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure that doing so is an immediate disqualification. But, I can say that every day I try and hopefully get a little bit closer.


Silence is enough. It’s the absence of noise


There is no solace above or below, only us…Small, solitary, striving, battling one another,

Emptiness. Blank page.

Leverage what you’re already good at…


which allows others to shine

Everyone is born with a unique set of talents. Take as much time as you need to figure out what yours are because they’re the most valuable tools you’ll have for the rest of your life.

For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule, hunt or be hunted.

but the monarchy should shine

Take pride in your abilities, and always use your powers for good instead of evil. Someday, you’ll be remembered for what you did with them.


The monarchy, yes, not the mornach.

…But fix what needs improving.

Mao is dead, and so is his China.


It’s common in today’s world to simplyoutsource your weaknessesto someone who’s better at them. That can be useful at times, but never take it for granted.


You have a role, a clear set of rules. All you have to do is follow them

Endeavor to become better at the things that hold you back and never assign part of your life to someone when you don’t fully understand what they’re doing with it. You’re the one in charge, so make sure you get what you actually want.

We both respect self-interests above all else, You may have all the money, but I have all the men with guns.

Margaret, you have freedom

Find what only you can give back.


All you have to do is enjoy

At the intersection of all your talents, weaknesses, and perspectives on the world lies yourultimate gift to humanity内心独白,变得杰出。– the unique thing that the world needs and you’re the only person on Earth that can give it.

I can’t take back the bad I done, all I can do is to make my own way, like I’ve being doing. Ain’t pride.

You think I’m free? To be constantly in your shadow, constantly the overlooked one.

If you devote your life to anything, let it be to finding this. It’s unlikely that you’ll regret it.

Do you think I’m a hypocrite? Well, you should. I wouldn’t disagree with you. The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.

it looks like heaven to me

Build a few deep, lasting relationships…


What you have looks like heaven to me

You don’t need a lot of them to be happy, but a few incredibly close friends or relatives – people you can talk to about anything – will make life a lot easier and more enjoyable to get through.

The heart can choke the mind when all its blood flows back unto itself.

two sisters who envy one another

When things are harder than ever before and you don’t know where to turn, these are the people that will keep your head on straight. Do everything you can to help them and you’ll get the same in return.


we couldn’t be the first

…But keep as many loose ties as possible.

If I let the things people say about me get under my skin, I wouldn’t be able to leave my own home.

pride and joy

It’s just as important to network with as many people as you possibly can. You can’t have 10,000 best friends, but in today’s digital world,10,000 acquaintancesthat keep you motivated, tell you jokes, and help you with the odd problem you’re having are not that hard to come by.

papa used got to call us. “Elizabeth is my pride and Margaret is my joy”

Let people know how you can help them, and you’ll attract plenty of good company to make life just a little bit better.

“but Margaret is my joy” I’m sorry. I have to claim a few victories I’ve left with. There is cruelty to it. isn’t it? When there are two sisters so close in age, the more one becomes one thing, the more the other necessarily becomes the opposite, and vice versa.

Improve yourself every day…

S1: E9 Assasins

Never take a great life for granted and never take a miserable one as a sign of defeat. Do something, anything, every single day to make yourself a little bit better than you were yesterday.

I find in general people have very little understanding of who they are

奥门新浦京的网址,Read a book,sing a song,meet someone new,make something. Whatever you do, never stop working to learn more.

S2: E1 Misadventure

…And help someone else improve every day.

You married a wild spirit. We both did. Trying to tame them is no use. Of course i thought of ending it. And then I imagined how thin and poor life would be. I realize when you really adore someone as fully and as hopelessly as i think you and i do, you put up with anything.

You don’t exist in a bubble, and your community, whatever that means to you, is only as strong as its weakest member.

S2: E2 A company of men

Take the time, every single day, to help someone over a hurdle, to learn something new, or to do something meaningful. Not only will this improve their life, but it will improve yours and everyone’s around you.

It’s a fine life on board a ship but it can be a solitary one. We are men together but we each stand alone.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

A very large, united family is waiting for you here, and we will always be waiting for you, wherever you are

Every person on the planet has their own agenda and you don’t stand a chance at getting anywhere with yours until you understand theirs.

这集他妈太友好了,是本身唯一看哭的一集。笔者觉着全数男生都应有看看。是BOY变成MAN的一集。是PHILP人设立体起来的一集。每一种人都是人都以原声家庭的产物。题外话:一人独自在中途中 真的会有数不完人生感悟!!!!感觉游历好赞。

When you feel like you have something to say, wait. Ask yourself if you’ve taken the time to hear what’s been said to you. By understanding others, you’ll be far better suited to help them understand you once it’s your turn.